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"After selling my condo down in LIttle Italy last year, I looked alllllllllll over Omaha, mostly downtown rentals...and it seemed that each and every one was modern, unimaginative, relatively small and relatively expensive. Dozens of 'trendy' lofts had bedrooms that were 'white boxes with no windows'.  Totally depressed about not finding anything that felt like 'home', I stumbled on Urban Village and the Unitah Flats. Fell in love on my first visit: two bed, two baths, lots of exposed brick, original oak floors, 20 foot ceilings with wonderful architectural touches including large, shuttered windowed exposure on 3 sides. Then I found that the builder, Jerry Reimer, wouldn't rent out any place where he wouldn't live himself. I've shown my place to as many friends as possible and have raved about my neighbors and the location. Can't imagine living any place else." - Resident, Dave Wingert